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Track Title: Trends and Challenges for Authors, Publishers, and Advertisers in the new e-Content Order

Track Chairs:
Justo Hidalgo, Nebrija University, Spain,  [email protected],
Constantino Malagón Luque, Nebrija University, Spain, [email protected]

Track Descriptions:
The advent of Internet and a new generation of web-based applications has changed the statu quo of media establishments such as the music and movie industries. Now, the time seems to have come for the book industry. Technologies, applications, and standards are starting to discover a new breed of eContent where the book is in the cloud, can be accessed from mobile devices, and can be shared in social networks.

But this is just the beginning, as new technical, legal, strategic and even literary innovations and issues alike arise. Social scientists, anthropologists, historians, engineers, as well as publishers and authors need to work together and understand what this means to the many societies that have depended on paper as the means to keep our culture alive and kicking.

We are pleased to announce and invite manuscripts for joint AHLiST conference from researchers and practitioners on eContent, eBook generation, authoring, publishing and advertising. We expect and encourage a wide diversity of subjects across eBooks and eContent in Internet and mobile contexts.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):
Legal and Ethical Challenges of eBook Sharing
User Experience in eBook Reading
New business, advertising and delivery Models
eContent and EducationNew social contexts: the new ebook clubs
Cultural and historical analysis
eBook Usage: log analysis, statistics, surveys
Technical advances in eBook applications and platforms
eBook authoring, editing and publishing standards
eBooks and the new challenges for public libraries
New information models in digital media
The digital divide

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