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Track Title: Technology Marketing

Track Chair:JungKook Lee, Indiana University and Purdue University at Columbus, [email protected]

Track Description:
The convergence of the Internet and wireless technology in the late 1990s has produced a revolutionary telecommunication service: mobile Internet. Global mobile operators are now accelerating technological transition from 3G to 4G, while by 2008 active users of wireless data applications exceeded 1.85 billion worldwide. E-commerce is also expanding rapidly and several trillion dollars are being exchanged annually over the web. The global online population is also increasing substantially and by 2012, Jupiter Research (2008) estimates that there will be 1.8 billion Internet users worldwide. The track calls for original papers on this central topic. Papers may be of an empirical or of a conceptual nature. They may deal with the characteristics of successful models in this field, the emergence of new industry architectures, and the competition and collaboration between media, IT, internet, mobile and telecommunications companies. The goal of this track is to encourage scholarship in under-explored areas and address the need for a better understanding of the technology in marketing.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):
Comparative analysis between wired versus wireless interactivity
Factors influencing consumer acceptance of technology
Multinational corporations’ perceptions on marketing technology
Socio-cultural issues related to technology marketing
Web site navigation and usability issues
E-CRM issues
Managing strategy in high technology industry
Operation and management of high technology companies
Governmental and Legal factors related to technology in marketing
Competitive advantage and strategic change management
Managing core technology and competence
Technology policies
Technology transactions
Case studies on technology in marketing

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