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Track Title: Social Media Technologies for Future Marketing

Track Chair: Eklou Amendah, Southern New Hampshire University, [email protected]

Track Description:
The value of social media to the field of marketing is undeniable. It is more and more influencing marketing strategies especially the online marketing strategies. Considered as one of the important tools for promoting new ideas, social media marketing is used as a vehicle to test and launch new concepts. “Viral content” is a concept that is often associated with social media marketing because of the traffic potential that is available through this system. Primary and secondary traffic include visitors who have the potential to adopt new products/services because of the trust they have through the shared experiences with other visitors.

The research potential with social media is real. In other words, social media opens a unique window into consumer experiences and consumer perception that marketers, business practitioners and marketing scholars dream about. The Qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methodologies implemented in the context of social media provide a unique insight of visitors’ experiences that is worth knowing about. There is no sign that social media is going to disappear anytime soon. In contrary, marketing experts and scholars’ enthusiasm about this system demonstrate that the usage of social media is only going to increase. The influence of social media on marketing is apparent. Its influence on the disciplines in the traditional liberal art field such as history, communication and education seems to be latent. The prospect of social media tsunami on this field is real.

Suggested Topics Include ( but are not limited to):
Social Media Marketing
Retail Technology
Technology and Consumer Behavior

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