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Track Title: Optimization of Retail Operations

Track Chair:Frances Gunn, Ryerson University, [email protected]

Track Description:
The retail sector has become increasingly sophisticated and complex in recent years and retail companies are increasingly challenged to be flexible and reactive so they can quickly respond to increasingly sophisticated customer demands.  Advances in technological capabilities, hyper competition throughout the retail industry, emergence of new retail formats/channels, globally dispersed retail systems and new models of collaboration and supply have contributed to the need for advances in the optimization of retail operations.

The track calls for original papers on this central topic. Papers may be of an empirical or of a conceptual nature. They may deal with the characteristics of successful models in this field, the emergence of new industry architectures, and the discussion of related issues and/or experiences. The goal of this track is to encourage scholarship in under-explored areas and address the need for a better understanding of the use of technology to optimize retail operations.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

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