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2014 AHLiST Cartagena

2014 Cartagena Committee

The 2014 Interdisciplinary Conference of AHLiST


Distinguished Executive Board

  • Dámaso López García, Decano, Decano – Facultad de Filología – Universidad Complutense
  • Irwin Weiser, Dean – College of Liberal Arts – Purdue University


(Oversee all operations: announcement, budget, registration, etc.)

  •   Dr. Francisco García-Serrano – Director –  Director of Ibero-American Studies
    Professor of HistorySaint Louis University  Madrid Campus
  • Dr. Yudis Contreras Martínez – Co-Director – Facultad de Ciencias Humanas – Universidad de Cartagena
  •  María Victoria González de Spicker – Co-Director – Jefe de Relaciones Internacionales y Cooperación -Universidad de Cartagena


Conference Coordinators

(Supervising proposal acceptance and panel organization)

  • Leonor Zozaya – Coordinator – Postdoctoral fellowship – Coimbra University (Portugal)
  • Yonsoo Kim – Coordinator –  Associate Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.
  • Constantino Malagón Luque  – Coordinador – Professor of Computer Engineering



Primary Advisory Board

Eugenio Bustos Gisbert (Catedrático de Filología Española, UCM)

Epícteto Díaz Navarro (Profesor Titular de Filología Española, UCM)

Fenrong Liu (Professor, Tsinghua University)

Paul Dixon (Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.)

Patricia Hart (Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.)

R. Douglas Hurt  (Professor, Department Head, Department of History, Purdue U.)

Eugenio R. Luján (Vicedecano de Investigación y Postgrado de Facultad de Filología, UCM)

Howard Mancing (Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.)

Song No (Associate Dean,Purdue University)

Nancy Peterson (Professor & Interim Head, Department of English,  Purdue U.)

Jeffery Siskind (Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer 
    Engineering, Purdue U.)

Ronnie Wilbur (Professor and Chair of Linguistics program, Purdue U.)

Hotels in Cartagena

The Cartagena University and the AHLiST suggests the following hotels:



 Apartamentos Edificio Orange Suit[email protected]

Cels: (57) 321 234 8481 – 321 234 8454. Cartagena, Colombia.


Centro Hotel

Contact: Tel: 6640461/ 6648961

[email protected]


Los Balcones de Badillo

Contact: Gisella de la Ossa

(+575) 6601703 – 300 8050916

[email protected]

Tel: (+057) 6601703 – 300 8050916


Hotel Casa Real

e-mail: [email protected]



Hotel Bellavista

[email protected]

Tel: (575) 656-6291


Hotel Monterrey

Contact: Yajaira Blanquiset

(57)-(5) 650 3030

2014 AHLiST Proceeding

To all the participants to AHLiST 2014 and, particularly, to those who want to publish their papers in the proceedings of the Congress this year in the page of AHLiST 2014.

    • The deadline to submit the final version of your paper is November 7, 2014. We ask you not to exceed this date, this is to facilitate the arduous work the coordinators of this event do to compile the required material.
    • Your papers must include an abstract in English and in Spanish, with no more than 15 pages, written in Times New Roma and at a double space.
    • During the congress, organizing committee will ask the participants to authorize the upload of your paper to AHLiST page, respecting the copy right and intellectual property.
    • The editorial rules to follow correspond to the last APA manual. See also:
    • Send to Dr. Yudis Contreras Martínez, Co-Director


Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, Universidad de Cartagena

Email: [email protected]

Helpful Travel Links to Colombia

Emergencies abroad



Getting a passport



If you are planning to go abroad in the next year and do not have a passport, apply for one immediately. If you do have one, be sure that it will be valid for as long as you need it, or apply for a renewal immediately. Click here to visit the U.S. Passport Services Office web page.


Cartagena de Indias Travel Tips


Money & Banking Abroad








Sources of airline tickets



Traveling while abroad






Safety abroad



Health abroad



Of general interest to travelers



Sources of world news



Information on other countries


Event Details

Face to face

November 19, 2014

November 21, 2014



UniversIity de Cartagena, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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