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2013 AHLiST Tsinghua

2013 Tsinghua Committee

The 2013 Interdisciplinary Conference of AHLiST


Distinguished Executive Board

  • Dámaso López García – Decano Facultad de Filología – Universidad Complutense
  • Irwin Weiser – Dean – College of Liberal Arts  Facultad de Filología – Purdue University
  • Alberto López Rosado – Decano Escuela Politécnica Superior – Universidad  Nebrija


(Oversee all operations: announcement, budget, registration, etc.)

  • Dr. Francisco García-Serrano – Director  Director of Ibero-American Studies
    Professor of HistorySaint Louis University  Madrid Campus
  • Dr. Fenrong Liu – Co-Director- School of Humanities, Tsinghua University 

Primary Advisory Board

Eugenio Bustos Gisbert (Catedrático de Filología Española, UCM)

Epícteto Díaz Navarro (Profesor Titular de Filología Española, UCM)

Paul Dixon (Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.)

Patricia Hart (Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.)

R. Douglas Hurt  (Professor, Department Head, Department of History, Purdue U.)

Eugenio R. Luján (Vicedecano de Investigación y Postgrado de Facultad de Filología, UCM)

Howard Mancing (Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.)

Song No (Associate Dean,Purdue University)

Nancy Peterson (Professor & Interim Head, Department of English,  Purdue U.)

Jeffery Siskind (Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer 
    Engineering, Purdue U.)

Ronnie Wilbur (Professor and Chair of Linguistics program, Purdue U.)

Leonor Zozaya Montes (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Conference Coordinators

(Supervising proposal acceptance and panel organization)

  • Dr. Francisco García-Serrano – Coordinator- Professor of History, SLU-Madrid
  • Yonsoo Kim – Coordinator -Assistant Professor of Spanish, Purdue U.
  • Constantino Malagón Luque – Coordinador – Professor of Computer Engineering

2013 Interdisciplinary Conference of AHLiST

Hosted by Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Date: July, 5-6, 2013


Conference Co-Director: Dr. Fenrong Liu

School of Humanities

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, China

email: [email protected]


Assistant Co-Director: Leyan Zhan 张乐燕

email: [email protected]

Hotels at Tsinghua University


Jiasuo Hotel

This 3-star hotel is the university guest house, located in the heart of the campus. Jiasuo Hotel is in the schoolfellow woods near the oldest building of Tsinghua University. Jiasuo was the mansion of Tsinghua’s past presidents. In 1989 it was renovated and converted into a hotel and has received distinguished guests from all over the world.

Address: Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Tel: (00 86) 10 – 6278 3166

To make a reservation in the Jiasuo hotel, please complete the “Hotel Reservation Form.” This form is to guarantee the room. Please submit the form to  [email protected] before April 15th, 2013. After this deadline Tsinghua University and AHLiST are not responsible for room availability and rate.

Hotel Reservation Form 2013

(Photo:  the lobby, 2-bed standard room of Jiasuo Hotel)

Other Recommended Hotels are within the walking distance of the 2013 AHLiST Conference at Tsinghua University

Wenjin Hotel

This 5-star hotel is located at the south gate of Tsinghua University.

Address: Tsinghua Science Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Tel: (00 86) 10 – 6252 5566


Reserve via hotel website

Unisplendor International Hotel

This 4-star hotel is located right outside the east gate of the Tsinghua University.

Address: Building 10, No. 1, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Tel: (00 86) 10 – 6279 1888

Fax: (00 86) 10 – 6279 1966


Reserve via hotel website


Event Details

Face to face

July 4, 2013

July 5, 2013



Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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