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Track Title: Enterprise IT Management Issues and Challenges

Track Chair: Karen P. Patten, University of South Carolina, [email protected]

Track Description:
Chief information officers (CIOs) have a unique role in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. They must deal with the impacts of external environmental changes, changing internal customer needs, and rapidly changing technology. They must balance day-to-day operations with customer demands for new technologies, products, and services. CIOs manage enterprise IT organizations that are more agile and flexible than ever before.

This track reflects the Conference theme of “Technology and the Future” by
focusing on how technological developments and the implementation and
management of these developments will affect the enterprise IT
organizations and the enterprises the IT organizations serve. What are
the challenges? What are the issues?
We invite individual papers and panel proposals that address the
management issues and challenges of new and emerging technologies.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

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