About Us


What is the AHLiST?

Association of History, Literature, Science and Technology:

The AHLiST is a non-profit and academic organization. In 2009 it was founded by a group of North-American and European specialists interested in interdisciplinary collaboration between HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This group was initially led by Professors Song No and Yonsoo Kim of Purdue University with the institutional support from Dean Irwin Weiser of the College of Liberal Arts of Purdue and Dean Dámaso López García of Facultad de Filología of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Professor Yonsoo Kim also brought several scholars of her research group, MMEDIS (www.mmedis.com) to the AHLiST: particularly, Professor Constantino Malagón of Universidad de Nebrija, Spain; Peter Stokes of King’s College, United Kingdom; Leonor Zozaya of Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal; Juan Wachs of Purdue University; Justo Hidalgo of 24 Symbols, Spain. In addition to the aforementioned specialists, Professor Francisco García-Serrano Nebras of Saint Louis University at Madrid and Professors Eugenio Busto Gisbert and Eugenio R. Luján of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid tremendously helped launching the AHLiST.

From 2010, the AHLiST has received a number of institutional support from the Saint Louis University at Madrid (Spain), Univesidad de Nebrija (Spain), University of Houston (USA), Tsinghua University (China), Universidad de Cartagena (Colombia), Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), and Busan University of Foreign Studies (South Korea). The AHLiST continues sharing similar interdisciplinary research interests by seeking further institutional support and collaboration.


What Is Its Aim?

Interdisciplinary Innovation & International Collaboration:

The AHLiST aims to foster original and realistic researches of interdisciplinary character and promote invigorating international cooperation.


How can it help you?

Your Interest with Enthusiasm + AHLiST = Outstanding Opportunities and Results

The AHLiST reaches out to individuals like you for working together by exchanging ideas and inspiring each other in our annual conference. We can cherish our interdisciplinary academic enquiries and expand them with international collaboration.