Call for Papers Coimbra 2015

International and Interdisciplinary Conference of AHLiST 2015

Location: Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Dates: November 19 to 21, 2015;  Birds of a Feather: Nov. 23 to 24, 2015

Paper Submission by September 15, 2015 (Extended)

To Submit: Click Here

Languajes:  Submissions will be accepted in ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL or PORTUGUÊS. Notification of Acceptance: Within 4 weeks upon receiving submissions Early Bird

Registration FEES:

February 15 to June 14, 2015 — $200 USD* Regular

June 15 to November 14, 2015 — $250 USD*

Late Registration: November 15 to 24, 2015 — $300 USD*

*Fees will include registration, membership, an invitation to the 2015 Welcome Reception and some meals.

General Topics

Consilience and Inclusion: Scientific and Cultural Encounters

As the world is becoming more global, urgent issues have emerged from how to sustain the local and status quo while incorporating the global and innovative in almost every aspect of individual life, society and nationhood. At the same time, scientists and other academic researchers have tried to assess and address such micro- and macro-level challenges from interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives. The 2015 AHLiST Conference will focus on how individuals, social groups, ethnic minorities, state and national entities respond to the notion of inclusion and consilience such as:

-What to be negotiated and studied: scientific and cultural encounters

-Whom to be included and what to be studied: theories and concepts

-How to be integrated and distinguished: convergence versus divergence

-How to handle technical, economic and social changes: adaptation and sustainability

-How to assess what works: measurement and accountability mechanisms or policies

-How to decipher complexity and intricacy: interdisciplinary and new technologies

-How to prepare for new and future challenges: post-global/capital/human/modern responses

-what to be learned from the past and history: innovative contextualization and methodologies

Possible topics and areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. History Track I: Interdisciplinary Approaches to History
  2. History Track II: Diversity, Mobility and Encounters
  3. History Track III: New Technologies and Archiving Systems
  4. Literature Track I: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature
  5. Literature Track II: Single or Comparative Author Studies
  6. Literature Track III: Computer Mediated Communication and Digital Humanities Studies
  7. Science and Technology Track I: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Science and Technology
  8. Science and Technology Track II: Paleography and Pattern Recognition
  9. Science and Technology Track III: Digitizing Projects and Document Image Analysis
  10. Area Studies Track I: Caribbean Studies and Interdisciplinary Approaches
  11. Area Studies Track II: Mediterranean Studies and Interdisciplinary Approaches
  12. Film Studies Track: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Film
  13. Linguistics Track: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Linguistics
  14. Political Science Track: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Political Science
  15. Social Sciences Track: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Sciences
  16. Open Topic Track

DEADLINE for Submission is September 15, 2015

 Submission Guidelines

*All presenters must be members of the Association by conference time.

*Abstract submissions should be sent to (If you have any question, please contact us at

To Submit: Click Here

Submissions can be in ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL or PORTUGUÊS. All submission should represent original work done by the authors. There will be two options to propose/submit: i) panel proposal; ii) individual paper.

I. Panel Proposal (Session Proposal with three of more papers): If you plan to propose a panel/session, please include the title of the panel and the names of presenters; a panel abstract of 150-250 words; a separate page with the names of presenters, their contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email) and institutional affiliation(s), the titles of their presentations; and a 250- word abstract for each paper. Panels will be one hour and fifteen minutes long. Presenters for a panel will be asked to submit their abstract and information separately.

II. Individual Proposal Each author can use one of the following submissions to propose: a) abstract; b) work-in-progress paper; c) full paper. a. Abstract A title and 250 words (double-spaced and 12 fonts) b. Work-in-progress A structured proposal of about 1,000 words (double- spaced and 12 fonts) including purpose, methodology/approach, findings, research limitations/implications, and originality/value. A reference list is required. Tables or figures should be placed in the appendix after the reference list if needed. c. Full Paper Full paper submissions must not be published, accepted for publication, or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors should limit their initial submissions to approximately 20-25 double-spaced pages in 12- point font with appropriate margins, inclusive of all materials (i.e., references, figures, tables and appendices). In preparing for the full papers, please reference the author’s guidelines. If full papers are not formatted accordingly, they will not be considered or reviewed by AHLiST.