Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management

Track Name: Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management

Track Chair: Jay Cho, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University, jkcho@georgiasouthern.edu

Track Description:
Due to the globalization of the economy, supply chain now is stretching across national boundaries. However, the management need for global supply chain causes numerous challenges in business practices.  In this track, we seek high quality conceptual and empirical research that helps to articulate and clarify the critical features for management of global supply chain and also addresses important issues in its future development

Suggested Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategic alliances and partnerships in global supply chain
  • Sustainability in global supply chain
  • Relationship of global supply chain factors to competitive performance
  • Application of integrated supply chain management technology
  • Global supply chain risk and security
  • Role of the culture in global supply chain
  • Sourcing and outsourcing in global supply chain
  • Transportation and Infrastructure issues in global supply chains
  • Performance measurement of Global Supply Chain
  • Future directions for global supply chain management